Free track! D. Lynnwood remixes Marvin Gaye. Grab it from our Bandcamp

To continue the celebrations of D. Lynnwood‘s debut EP on Shapes of Rhythm, we thought we’d give away a free track.

We’ve been massive fans of D. Lynnwood’s remix of Marvin Gaye for a long time, one of the edits that sit around on producers computers waiting to be picked up on. Now’s the time! The London-based, Parisian-born producer flips this soul classic into a four-minute, low-slung, disco-boogie epic. And it’s free.

All you need to do is head over to our Bandcamp page here. All we needs’ your email address.

Whilst you’re over there, why not pre-order D. Lynnwood’s first full release and Shapes of Rhythm’s fourth? Connect is four tracks of dancefloor-friendly music sitting somewhere between house, disco and boogie. Already gaining support from Tom Ravenscroft, Ashley Beedle and Marcel Vogel. Cop a vinyl or even an old fashioned Mp3 right here! Released 6 April 2018.


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