Musicians and gaming nerds Gaijin Blues (Naphta and Playstation Yoga Music) continue to leave their controllers aside and pay respects to the greatest video games ever made…but this time they’re going one step further into the adventure..with a full-length 8 track concept LP. 

It is available worldwide via either our Bandcamp, our distributors Kudos Records or your local record shop. If they don’t have it, ask for it!

Following their debut EP on the label earlier this year, the GB guys were adamant that there was much more to the project. Two months after discussing an LP the finished project was delivered to Shapes of Rhythm HQ.

In the words of the creators themselves: “This is a sequel to a story you’ve never experienced. You are the protagonist who is coming back home to see his world completely changed by seemingly harmless technology. Each track is a chapter in this tale. Collect the items, gather a party and use your wit and imagination to find out the truth. Because technology usually comes at a price…”

This about as conceptual as it gets: where a brand new story matched with an audio narrative meet together in a fictional world. In terms of electronic music that doesn’t happen often. Gaijin Blues II is a truly unique record whether you’ve ever owned a console or not.